Being conscious of the fact that development of a society depends greatly on good upbringing, which can be achieved through an education level of high quality, Dokuz Eylül University strives to create high-quality education conditions. Thus, eventually a freedom-oriented self-realisation is aimed for our students. Dokuz Eylül University is also distinguished by its success in upbringing the future generations of human and social values.

Dokuz Eylül University was founded in 1982 in the third biggest city of Turkey, Izmir, as the second public university of this city. As a ‘city university’ Dokuz Eylul University is spread over various districts of Izmir. At present the university has education and recreation facilities in 12 different locations. Namely, in Alsancak, Balçova, Narlıdere, Bornova, Buca (Central Campus – Dokuzçesmeler – Tınaztepe) Hatay, Torbalı, Inciraltı, Urla, Foça and Seferihisar. Presently, the total area over which the University is established reaches to 5 million square meters. DEU has 12 faculties, 10 institutes, 5 schools, 6 vocational schools, 1 conservatory, 36 centers of research and one of the best University hospitals of Turkey. 3.055 academic and 2.417 administrative staff are working at the University. Students of the University add up to 48.539.

In 1997, Dokuz Eylül University introduced for the first time in Turkey the “active education” model. From the 1997-1998 academic year onwards, this model has been implemented in various departments of the University. Moreover, the University owns a learning resources center which is the first in Turkey and the second in the world. Its Central Library also ranks among the best in Turkey in terms of both technical infrastructure and amount of publications.

Dokuz Eylül University has international collaboration protocols with many universities from various countries for the conduct of student and academic staff exchange as well as for the realisation of scientific research projects. The University has also been actively involved in EU education programs with a variety of international bilateral agreements for student and academic staff exchange.

Besides main education and research activities, Dokuz Eylül University reinforces its physical infrastructure with particular emphasis on boarding and recreation facilities.

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Address: Cumhuriyet Bulvarı No 144, TR-35210 Alsancak, Izmir, Turkey
Tel: +90 (232) 412 10 28, 0 (232) 412 10 45